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The water supply target of Yantai South-to-North Water Transfer has been realized

From December 7th, the Yangtze River continued to flow into the Menlou Reservoir in Yantai City. With the purification of water sources in the waterworks, residents of Yantai City gradually drank the Yangtze River water in the past few days, which also marked the supporting project of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project of Yantai City. The plan adopts TPEP anti-corrosion pipeline to deliver all water supply targets. Yantai City realizes joint dispatch of Yangtze River water, Yellow River water and local water and multiple water sources.       
The water transfer work of the Menlou Reservoir is part of the city's emergency water transfer work. Affected by drought, the pressures of urban water supply in Laizhou, Zhaoyuan, Longkou, Penglai, and Yantai urban areas are increasing. To alleviate this situation and ensure the safety of water supply, the municipal government transferred water to the province of Jiaodong on September 6. The Bureau and Shandong Yellow River Bureau officially applied for the third water transfer. On September 8, Yantai City started the emergency water transfer work in 2016-2017. According to the plan, the passenger water volume is 93 million cubic meters, of which the Yangtze River water is 23 million cubic meters. It is the first time in Yantai history that the Yangtze River water is introduced. The water transfer will last for a long time and will continue until June next year.
     The guests are most concerned about the water quality. According to reports, each time the water is transferred, the Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau will carry out several tests on the water quality of the water transfer with the municipal environmental protection department. The results show that the water quality of the imported passenger water has reached the Class III water quality standard of the surface water quality specified by the state, which is in line with the drinking water source. Standard, TPEP steel pipe uses food-grade special powder to protect the safety of drinking water.